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Outdoor tiles

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The outdoor tile

Outdoor tiles meet all those requirements of resistance and durability that are fundamental for coatings that must be constantly exposed to atmospheric agents. The tile looks similar to that used as an interior floor covering, but it doesn't have the same delicacy. In other words, it means that special materials are chosen which make the tile considerably more resistant to atmospheric aggressions and also to foot traffic. It should be borne in mind that the outdoor tile can be walked on by any means, without suffering any type of damage. This is a huge advantage, because many people who do not have a garage in the garden have a new space to park their car. By tiling the space, it is possible not to remain with the wheels in the mud if it rains, but to walk on a perfectly flat surface, where not even rainwater stagnates.

Shapes, sizes, colors and pose

The outdoor tile is chosen in different sizes, and can be laid following different patterns. In rather small spaces, a light-colored tile is usually chosen to make the space wider, where the flooring covers a rather large surface, you can always decide to choose larger tiles. As with the installation of indoor tiles, even outdoor tiles must be placed on a special base and joined together by means of a mortar, which will form the joints.

The terracotta

Terracotta is one of the most used materials for making outdoor tiles, it is a material made with clay, baked in an oven. The main feature is its rustic appearance and the veins of different colors, due to cooking. Cotto is a rather valuable material, if you choose in the hand-made process, because it follows a completely handmade process. Behind every single tile there are many hours of work of a craftsman. Outdoor terracotta is often chosen in the non-glossy version and is also used for stair cladding. The size of the tiles is variable, depending on the space to be covered, the most suitable cut is chosen.

Cleaning and maintenance of terracotta

After three or four years, outdoor terracotta may require extraordinary maintenance and cleaning, which will serve to preserve the flooring in the state in which it was purchased. Daily cleaning must be carried out only using specific detergents and not using aggressive substances, which could stain and damage the terracotta tiles. When contacting a company specialized in the sector for the maintenance of outdoor terracotta flooring, it must be borne in mind that the company will only use professional products created specifically for that type of tiles. Although it periodically requires this treatment, the terracotta outdoor tile is very resistant and its appearance, when chosen in the antiqued version, seems to remain unchanged for many years.

The stoneware

Alternatively, another rather used outdoor tile is stoneware. Today this tile is produced in a rather large range of colors. It was once used mainly for the lining of balconies, interior spaces such as garages or cellars. Today stoneware has undergone a strong revaluation, and many people decide to use it to enrich the garden. It can be used for large surfaces as well as just to cover a small avenue. Stoneware is free of porosity and this allows it to be impermeable to water, it has important qualities of resistance that make it walkable by any means, without suffering any damage, it is not subject to any color variation in the event of strong thermal excursions and requires rather simple cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance of stoneware

Its original appearance is preserved well for many years, so much so that it does not even fear frosts, which usually mark the most delicate outdoor floors. To wash it thoroughly you only need water and detergent which in some cases you must also rinse, it dries easily and does not remain stained. Each type of stoneware has a different cost, as is the case with terracotta and other coverings.

How to orient yourself in the choice

The choice of outdoor flooring, in this case, can be dictated either by a personal choice based on certain tastes or by the desire to create a continuity of furnishings between the internal and external space by proposing the same type of internal tile. also for the garden, only specially made in the outdoor version.

Garden design: outdoor tiles for you

Are you determined as never before to obtain a series of very useful information on a topic like that of outdoor tiles? Then it is really impossible to do without our valuable advice on the subject, also because we have decided to focus our reflections on two absolutely central aspects in this context.

We are talking about both the functional component of the tiles themselves, in light of their ability to significantly limit the possibility that slips may occur, and the aesthetic component, with which we will have to take into account the stylistic coherence in the home garden furnishing process. Ensuring that mix is ​​crucial.

For years, we at Arietti have been on the side of our customers, proposing the best laying self-locking for outdoor and garden floors.

We have specialized in this type of creation, becoming a reliable resource for companies, professionals and individuals.

We have chosen self-locking because they guarantee excellent resistance to heavy loads and the action of atmospheric phenomena. They do not allow water to stagnate, but rather allow proper drainage.

Outdoor flooring

Gray washed floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Combi green drainage tile

Rustic salmon floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Marmomicro white-black floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Sand "Stonetile" tile

Snaptile tile anthracite color 40x40 cm

Polypropylene tile with wood effect, dark gray color

Closed Combi cotto tile

Combi terracotta drainage tile

Rustic yellow floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Floor Ventaglio gray sanded 40 cm x 40 cm

Multiplate green draining tile

"Rubbertile" tile in shockproof rubber 40 x 40 cm

Brown "Plustile" tile pack of 10 pieces

Gray "Plustile" tile

Gray brick floor 40 x 40 cm

Acacia tile 30x30 cm pack of 6 pieces

Easywood tile anthracite color 40x20 cm

Polypropylene outdoor tile 50x50 cm

WOODSTILE plank in natural raw wood, 120x40 cm

Classic travertine slab 30x60 cm

White granite slab 30x60 cm

Polypropylene tile with slate effect, gray color

Red brick floor 40 x 40 cm

Green MARTE Line drainage tile

White-red-green washed floor 40 cm x 40 cm

Floor Fan red smooth 40 cm x 40 cm

Slide for Combi self-locking tile with terracotta male coupling

Wood-like slatted floor slide with brown male hook

Rustica titanium floor 40 cm x 40 cm

WOODSTILE plank in antique white wood, 120x40 cm

Yellow travertine block, 20x10 cm

Corner kit for self-locking Combi cotto tiles 4 pcs

Easywood tile coffee color 40x20 cm

Yellow travertine slab 30x60 cm

Floor Red brick 40 cm x 40 cm

Combi green closed tile

"Stonetile" slate tile

Brown wood-like slatted tile

Adjustable support for outdoor flooring - fixed head

Slide for Combi self-locking tile with green male coupling

Kit 6 slides for Easy brown draining tile

Connection joint "Stonetile" pack of 8 pieces

Fixed plastic support for outdoor flooring

Ramp in wood and brown HDPE

Kit 6 slides for Easy crock draining tile

Kit 4 corner tiles Easy cotto drainage tile

Ramp in wood and brown HDPE

Yellow travertine block, 30x10 cm

Kit of 4 corner tiles for draining Easy green

Kit 6 slides for Easy green draining tile

Corner kit for Combi green self-locking tiles 4 pcs

Corner kit for wood-like tiles with brown slats 4 pcs

Combi Wood female tile slide

Tile slide with Mars corner light gray

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Slate Effect Outdoor Tiles

With slate effect tiles, even a confined space can be completely transformed into a dream courtyard or terrace with Refin's outdoor tiles.

Do you want a modern effect for your outdoor space? The outdoor slate effect in different shades and patterns is probably the best solution for an evergreen space. Refin has a wide selection to choose from. The slate-effect tiles have shades, cloudy effects and light scratches to bring out the character of the material used and make it more current.

A floor that re-interprets slate has all the qualities that make porcelain stoneware ideal for outdoor spaces. It is resistant to loads and wear, waterproof, antifreeze, non-slip and resistant to stains and chemicals. In addition, even when exposed to the sun and the elements, the quality of Refin guarantees that it will not fade over time.

The slate-effect flooring adapts easily to any outdoor style: from classic to ultra-modern style, which describes the history of your home.

Collections for 2cm outdoor floors

Outdoor Plus, a range of 2 cm thick tiles with high resistance, offering numerous different aesthetic aspects.

  • All the products
  • Tiber
  • Teranga
  • He knows
  • Cubes
  • Fast
  • Eight
  • Kobe
  • Tablon
  • Azimuth
  • Geo
  • Noa
  • Icons
  • Cast
  • Samsara

Light structured anti-slip

Natural structured anti-slip

Natural Multiformato Est. Structured anti-slip

With which materials to pave outdoor spaces

  • The choice of material with which paving the outdoor spaces it is important: it must in fact resist atmospheric agents, slipping, bending and visibility of footprints. here are the types of coatings suitable for garden or terrace floors.
  • Porcelain stoneware: stoneware tiles, now also available in large sizes, are highly resistant to abrasion, bumps and scratches and chemicals. It is available for outdoor flooring in various finishes, including structured or bush-hammered.
  • Cooked: very porous material, obtained from the firing of clay which is treated to be less permeable. It adapts to terraces and balconies.
  • Concrete: it is mainly used for walkways and courtyards. It consists of cement and colored grit, to which polypropylene fibers are added. Treated with special resins, it is resistant to dust, slipping, mold and atmospheric agents.

The technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware double - together with the thickness - to meet the needs of any type of outdoor application.

  • The material - squared and rectified - has a very high resistance to loads and traffic
  • It does not change color, size and does not deteriorate over time
  • Resistant to chemical attacks (also to pool additives and common household cleaners)
  • It resists atmospheric agents (rain and wind), salt, corrosion and mold
  • It is non-slip / non-slip (R11 A + B)
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not scratch
  • Resists frost and fire
  • It does not require specific treatments or seasonal maintenance
  • The light colors, carefully selected, have a high solar reflectance index, in other words the material absorbs little heat and does not burn.

Unlike other materials such as wood, natural stone and concrete, porcelain stoneware is not porous and therefore does not absorb liquids. This means that does not stain, does not crack, does not need surface applications or special maintenance and is also suitable for commercial activities.

The product - obtained from the fusion of sands, clays and feldspar - is pressed at 400 kg / cm2 - fired at 1200 degrees to become a material with incomparable mechanical characteristics.


You can choose the most suitable installation for each location:

The material it can be easily removed to be repositioned elsewhere (if not glued).


A wide selection of outdoor tiles meets the Florim design. Attention to detail and stylistic research enter the world of outdoor floors to enjoy outdoor spaces comfortably and effortlessly.

The range of sizes and colors chosen by our laboratory supports the most requested material inspirations for outdoor coverings: wood, concrete and different types of stone. The result is absolutely natural but industrial production guarantees aesthetic continuity in effects and color, without surprises.

As always, we have a very careful look at sustainability. From our laboratories comes the innovative recipe that can accommodate more than 70% of recycled material.

Video: 10 minute porcelain patio guide


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