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Garden wooden houses

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Wood quality

The wooden garden houses are a strongly decorative element of the garden. When you decide to choose it in wood, it is done above all to have a more balanced combination with the surrounding greenery, so that the house becomes an integral part of the furniture. Even if all the other furnishing accessories are made with other materials, wood knows how to blend perfectly in this space and never turns out to be an unpleasant presence. The wooden garden shed is used to have all the tools necessary for gardening at hand, but also to store what is superfluous you cannot contain inside your garage. In addition, it is an element that is always present in garden furniture as it offers excellent value for money on the market and therefore can be purchased by anyone. The wood is resistant to atmospheric agents, thanks to the treatments to which it is subjected that make it waterproof and of unlimited duration. The roof of the garden log cabin itself is made of waterproof materials. It is accessed through a door and the space available depends a lot on the size of the house itself.

Shapes and sizes

The market offers different sizes for wooden garden houses: it starts with a rather small model that can also adapt to small gardens, which in any case have the need to have a space where you can store the various tools, up to to models with certainly more considerable dimensions, which can also be used as an area where to insert a workbench. Most of the wooden garden houses, inside the door, allow you to hang various tools such as a broom or rake. To place a wooden house in the garden, if it is not anchored to the ground, no type of authorization is required, however, if it should be fixed to the garden floor, before proceeding with this operation it is necessary to contact the municipal office which will have to issue the authorization. In fact, everything that is mobile in the garden can be placed without any particular request, while what will be fixed permanently will require a specific authorization, as the house itself will represent a fixed element. As mentioned before, access to the house is through a door, depending on the size of which, it is possible to introduce more or less bulky objects inside.

Internal organization

The interior of the wooden house can be organized in such a way as to meet the customer's needs, using shelves or special containers. By maintaining a certain order within this structure, it is possible to recover a lot of space. In some cases this house is also used to store bicycles or as a place to carry out small home repair work.

Assembly kit

The house is sold together with the assembly kit. This means that it is a structure that can be easily assembled, the various parts of the house are interlocked and there are no beams or columns. All this makes the construction of the wooden garden shed very simple. The wooden garden house is also equipped with flooring, and by placing some rather heavy garden tools on it, if the house is not fixed to the ground, it will be made more stable. Usually the wood is left in its natural color, but nothing prevents it from being colored with paints of any color.

Other uses of the wooden garden shed

When the size allows it, the garden shed also becomes a place where you can cultivate your hobbies. Even children can find here their corner where they can have fun, as long as the house is organized in such a way that there are no garden tools that can constitute a danger for them. Many people take advantage of the utility of the wooden garden shed to store wood, or for particularly bulky tools that do not find space in the closet of the house. Being a garden element that has a good value for money, the choice of wooden garden houses is quite wide and is aimed at various user groups. The structure, although in its smaller size is certainly not habitable, it turns out to be quite comfortable for other uses, at a rather affordable cost. The wooden garden house, if it has conditions such as to make it habitable, can also be used as an outbuilding to welcome guests. Those who have a sufficiently large space in the garden almost always decide to choose a model of considerable size for the wooden house because it will transform it into a sheltered place in the garden where you can also have everything you need to give vent to your creativity.

Garden sheds: Wooden garden sheds suitable for you

Get, starting today, a series of very useful information on a topic like wooden garden houses. In fact, we are in the presence of a factor that could make the difference in the field of home furnishings, guaranteeing you a factor that we can define as multifunctional and able to meet many needs.

On the one hand, in fact, in our opinion, you can select an ideal solution to guarantee your children a space of pure fun within your green corner. Alternatively, you could find, thanks to this type of houses, an absolutely perfect solution for the maintenance of the various garden tools. Please take this information into consideration.


Wall thickness 19mm Measures 246x246 cm

Internal measures 224x224 cm Wall height 187 cm

Total height 221 cm Area 5.02 m²

M.door measures 142X171 cm

Package dimensions 2.75x1.2x0.43 m Weight 330 Kg

IMPORTANT DELIVERY: the product is delivered on a pallet well sealed with wood and cellophane. If you are not equipped with a forklift at the unloading, it is necessary to have staff found in order to open the pallet on the truck with the help of the driver and drop the various components by hand (easy to hold for 2 people) - on the islands and in the smaller centers delivery may take a few more days.


The most classic and widespread of garden sheds, a solution that solves the problem of storing children's toys, bicycles, lawnmowers and everything that clutters the garage or cellar.

The installation of a small house involves a request to the municipal authorities. Such requests may vary from municipality to municipality. It must therefore be the responsibility and responsibility of the buyer to make the requests, authorizations, permits and assents of the administrative authorities required according to the regulations in force.


The house must be installed on a stable and non-deformable base, in an elevated place, which allows the drainage of rainwater. Protected from the splashes of any irrigation system. At due distance of green hedges that prevent the natural transpiration of the wood. Normally the house is delivered with a heavy vehicle if the packaging is intact, the house can remain outside for a few days (maximum one week) provided that it is placed on a perfectly level base. Before starting the assembly, read the assembly instructions carefully To ensure a long life for your house, it is advisable, before starting the assembly, to apply a coat of impregnating agent (transparent or very clear) on all the boards and strips that compose it.

It is recommended to carry out the assembly always adopting the individual protective devices shoes, gloves, protective goggles and to use with caution the electric tools, ladders and all the necessary work tools. Particular attention is to be paid to children who must be kept away from the work area until assembly is completed.

Always close the door after use. Never insert hot objects such as barbecues that are still hot or with burning embers.

The house is supplied with bituminous felt which, if mounted correctly, guarantees a duration of about two / three years, it is therefore advisable to purchase and waterproof the house with a long-lasting cover such as bituminous shingles, corrugated tiles, slated sheath etc. etc.

The wooden garden house for your needs

If you plan to use the wooden garden shed for your hobbies or as an additional room you may have to think of a 44mm thick, otherwise you should think about a wooden garden shed insulated which offers thermal comfort for all seasons.
In addition to thermal comfort, an insulated wooden house offers enviable living comfort, which you will never find in a brick house.

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Wooden Houses

Our garden sheds are created with the Blockhouse construction system which allows for a compact, robust and long-lasting design. They are practical, simple, elegant but above all extraordinarily useful. They fit elegantly into your garden, in perfect harmony with nature. They can be used as storage for tools, as a pleasant place for carrying out leisure activities, as a garage or for storing firewood, the rest is left to your imagination. Usually the garden or camping sheds are built without insulation, but at the request of the customer they can also be built with thermal insulation, according to their needs and requirements. They are made with good quality spruce, thicknesses of 19, 28 and 40 mm and are ideal for keeping garden tools in good condition. The double door versions allow you to keep a motorcycle or bicycles under cover. The houses are packed in the detachable kit package, they are supplied with assembly instructions to obtain a quick and easy assembly by the customer. We provide on-site assembly, upon customer request, with an additional cost.


thickness 28 and 40 mm, single door, side window.


thickness 28 and 40 mm, single door with side window.

Wooden houses: economical and comfortable

With the direct production of our wooden houses we can offer the lowest price on the market under the same conditions. All the productions of the houses and wooden boxes are all FSC certified.

The quality of the materials and the treatment with non-toxic components guarantee mondocasashop wooden houses as an innovative and natural solution for your home. The great convenience on the purchase price has made it the reference of the market for wooden structures in Italy for more than 15 years.

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