Indoor curtain inspiration plants

Indoor curtain inspiration plants

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Light-filtering curtains are typically made from lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton and allow sunlight into a space without inviting prying eyes into your home. The term accent lighting can be kind of broad in nature and may vary from room to room, but it essentially breaks down to your choices of lighting that add brightness to a space while not being the primary focal point of the room. Strong self adhesive: our led strip lights 2 rollsThe benefits of new lights and lamps: Lamps do not just light up a room.

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Industrial wall curtains

All rights reserved. Despite how the Jungalow-style home was trending back in , it continues to attract fans everywhere. Plenty of home owners have been getting into the trend of decorating with potted and hanging plants and the great thing about it is that you can always adjust the ways you choose to decorate and add more plants along the way!

Get inspired by these soothing, plant-filled homes in Singapore that show different ways to decorate your home with greenery:. This four-room resale HDB flat in Jurong West, which belongs to and was designed by architect Kenn Goh, is simple yet full of personality and plants. Measuring sqf, the flat has a combined living room and dining area. Kenn chose to go curtain-less, as this allows natural light and breeze to fill the room. Plants play a large role in the design; the greenery complements the neutral and pastel furnishings in the home.

This solid oak table can sit up to 10 people for dinner parties, and double as a large work station for the homeowners. Check out that impressive plant collection! Kelvin is an avid home cook, so Kenn designed extensive storage for kitchen utensils and their collection of handcrafted ceramic plates from Japan.

Air plants hang from the ceiling to save space! The large drawers allow easy access for utensils, while the monochrome geometric tiles signals a change in usage of space — keeping to the wood and grey hues throughout the home.

One or two plants sit by their bedside — check out these plants that thrive in dark rooms. A modern home, swathed in hues of golden-brown and green, shows what happens when you embrace the best that nature has to offer. Home to a couple in their 40s and their two daughters, this three-bedroom condominium unit of 1, sqf features the warmth of wood in delightful excess, punctuated across spaces with greenery and neutral hues.

A warm, rustic-chic vibe permeates this three-bedroom condo apartment in Tampines, thanks to the wood tones and greenery in the form of material finishes, furnishings and a copious amount of plants. With most of its surfaces clad in beautifully grained teak veneer plywood, the apartment exudes a cosy and rustic vibe, accented by notes of modernity. Greenery is incorporated into the nature-inspired look, in the form of a living wall in the living area and around plants peppering the interiors.

The renovation was handled by the couple themselves, who are the founders of Paper Carpenter , a business that uses cardboard to create installations, art displays, and even pet furniture. Dressing the walls of the living room and reaching the ceiling of the corridor and into the master bedroom at the back of the apartment are 3mm-thick teak veneer ply pieces, cut into 4-byinch strips and staggered.

Adrian shares that he chose teak for its durability and unique grains. He scoured through the wood piles of four different shops to get cuts from various trees for a more textured and distinct look.

While the green wall, complete with a self-watering system from Vertical Green, is the focal point of the living area, pops of green in the form of herbs, ferns, bonsai, and creepers enliven the other spaces. For a more varied and interesting look for the walls, the homeowners sourced teak veneer plywood from four shops.

The pieces, cut into strips, were then laid randomly. Walls were hacked to open up the kitchen, as part of an open-concept living area. For the peninsula counter that separates the kitchen from the entrance foyer, a slab of ash wood was used. Kept raw and unfinished, the beauty of the natural material is highlighted.

Furnished with only the essentials, the master bedroom maintains a calming and soothing atmosphere. Because of the many plants at home, their daughters are also involved in gardening , she smiles. Wealth, for this bachelor, is enjoying the luxury of space to be surrounded by verdant greenery and the things he loves. For Singapore-based Canadian designer Tyco Tat, gardening has always been something he loves. Since moving to Singapore five years ago, he has collected over pots in his rented Bukit Ho Swee apartment.

Sitting next to a rattan rocking horse in the living room is an original Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke, which Tyco repurposed as a standing lamp and made home for one of his spider plants.

From a range of Philodendron species like the Monstera Deliciosa, to ferns, succulents and cacti. Greenery fills the interiors of the flat, especially in the kitchen that sits strategically next to the windows — the perfect setting for his indoor garden. Having limited floor area did not stop Tyco from collecting, as he cleverly installed extendable poles between the walls as a way to maximise hanging space for his pots.

This way, the plants are not overcrowded. When Jiann Bin purchased this resale unit, he kept the interiors pared down, with white homogenous tiles on the floor, a full-height display cabinet, as well as flexible storage units in the living room.

Over time, Tyco decorated the space not just with his myriad plants, but also his unique, handcrafted range of ceramics and pottery that he designed. Clarence Chua and Candice Li were so inspired by their honeymoon in Africa two years ago that they decided to decorate their five-room executive condominium in Bukit Panjang in the tropical-colonial style.

The living and dining areas of the 1, sq ft apartment are filled with lush potted plants that tower above a person of average height and antique-looking wooden furniture. Framed botanical prints and world maps hang on the walls and black-and-white bamboo blinds are installed at the windows. The balcony is a mini garden, furnished with fake carpet grass as well as standing and hanging potted plants. They also chose solid tropical wood furniture, such as teak and rattan , as they like how the wood contrasts against the white walls and greenery.

Their expenses included a self- installed irrigation system for the plants. Before that, Candice says they found themselves rushing in the morning to water the plants before leaving for work. After they returned from a vacation in Bali last year, they were inspired by the outdoor showers there and decided to adopt a similar look for the guest bathroom, which they completed three months ago.

The floor is covered with loose gravel, stepping stones and moss balls, and the sink is decorated with pebbles. People usually treat their bathroom time and space very functionally, which is a waste as we spend more time in there than we realise. What is less morbid are the 20 small animal figurines such as rabbits, guinea pigs and parrots placed around the home. The couple had used them as table markers in place of numbers during their wedding dinner banquet.

Other interesting discoveries abound. In the guest room, there is a wall covered with more than 40 themed chess sets, such as a safari animal set from Kenya and one with nesting doll pieces from Russia. Lest you think Clarence is a chess master, he says he cannot play the game. He buys themed chess sets — he got his first from Laos in — as travel souvenirs. I would like to receive marketing materials from SPH Media, its subsidiaries and partners. Also available at:.

Privacy Menu. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Plants, Wood And Steel. Visitors will get a peek of the space through this customised black steel gate. The rest of the room is kept simple and organised. The variety of plants bring colour into the white-and-grey apartment.

Smaller pots of succulents and cactuses have a dedicated shelf beside the kitchen sink. View More. Don't Miss Out Ever Again! Sign Me Up Now! By signing up, you indicate that you have read and agreed with our Privacy Statement.

See Inside These Beautiful HDBs & Condos Filled With Lush Green Plants

Living room curtains —much like works of art —make a home look finished; they truly are a decoration in and of themselves. And they occupy prime real estate on your wall, which automatically makes them significant to the design of any space. You can get creative—much like Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent did in their Montauk beach house by utilizing seagrass rugs as curtains—and you can mix and match prints and patterns. You can buy sheers that will act as a backdrop and let the rest of your room shine. And of course, blackout curtains, most often seen in bedrooms , are a whole separate category. There are an endless number of fabric options out there to choose from, and we know it can be a bit daunting to pick the right one. So read on for 55 of the best curtain ideas , from luxurious and over the top to tastefully discreet, to inspire your new living room look.

Add greenery to your space for a welcoming ambiance. Shop West Elm's collection of real and artificial plants, trees and flowers.

Bringing the garden indoors: how nature inspired William Morris

Join the vertical gardening community and get advice, support and tips. For the most part, Wave is super intuitive and will convert … Vertical videos which once were counted as low-quality video content, have now emerged as one of the most engaging video formats in online video platforms. Keep food items organized and on-hand with these kitchen pantry design ideas. The PDF file includes written instructions with full color pictures and drawings to show you exactly how to recreate this gorgeous planter. Submitted by. See all Vertical Blinds Alternatives from Blinds. Complete your unique look by choosing complementary side panels, drapery and shades—all beautifully coordinated and only from Hunter Douglas. Drag the 16 x 9 composition from the Project panel into the timeline of the vertical composition. Continue to 7 of 36 below. Below are 22 best pictures collection of baluster design ideas photo in high resolution.

Living room accessories the range

Search Products:. Plant table indoor window. We have shop in Broadacres, Parktown North and Bryanston. Once a month, add fertilizer to the gravel bed to provide plants with essential nutrients for growth. A few plants come to mind that grow in low lighting well includes the cast iron plant, mother in laws tongue, dragon tree, zz plant and others which you can find in a collection here.

Hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular as plant enthusiasts look to save valuable floor space by getting their plants up and off the ground.

How To Style A Garden Window

Dezeen Showroom: graphic designer Peter Saville has created a collection of colourful textiles called Technicolour for Kvadrat , comprising three rugs , two curtains and upholstery fabric. Design studio Beyond Space has created an office interior in Amsterdam that doubles as a showroom using rippling laser-cut fabric to form cave-like spaces for working. Arhitektura d. Undulating chainmail curtains lend a stage-like quality to the open kitchen of this Mumbai restaurant designed by Serie Architects. Architecture practice Deltastudio has turned a former agricultural warehouse in Italy into a house with a balcony framed with white curtains. Cobalt-blue curtains hang in place of walls in a small apartment in Kyiv renovated by Ukrainian architecture and interiors studio Ater Architects.

Bedroom curtain ideas – create a cosy and peaceful sleeping space with your window dressings

Houseplants can do more than just bring a splash of green indoors , it turns out A famous NASA study found that such plants were able to reduce indoor air pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde, at least in a controlled lab environment, and more recent research says plants may make you feel less stressed and more creative. That can never be a bad thing. Here are a few of the best air-purifying plants to consider keeping in your bedroom at home. Give it bright, direct light for a few hours every day, preferably in a south-facing window, and water when the soil is slightly dry. Multiple fronds in an elegant fan pattern make this a beautiful plant, no matter your personal decor style.

With W. Tall Planters to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. Natural Seagrass Indoor Planter Storage Basket Flower Pot with waterproof liner.

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By Anna Cottrell published 26 AprilThe best bedroom plants will add interest to your room, while being low-maintenance and happy with a lack of direct light. The added benefit of keeping house plants in your bedroom is that many purify the air naturally, creating a toxin-free and zen environment, perfect for relaxing and reviving in.

Large bay windows are often striking enough on their own and don't require elaborate window treatments to stand out. The tall, narrow windows in this living room , for example, are framed with ornate trim painted glossy black , a feature that shouldn't be covered up with bulky curtains. Instead, simple white roller shades pull down over the glass to block light or views when needed without taking away from the elegant look of the bay windows. Draw extra attention to your bay windows with bold window treatments. These floor-length curtains frame the windows with a splashy pattern, turning the bay area into the dining room 's undeniable focal point.

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Industrial wall curtains can be used to enclose a space, to improve climate control, to restrict visibility, to contain airborne debris, or as a temporary divider. Opt for aluminium doors or — if your budget can stretch to it Partition curtain walls manufactured by TRAX Industrial Products create efficient use of space while protecting employees from dust, dirt, and other airborne contaminants. They are ideal for facilities with a door height of 20 feet or more. Contemporary Curtains. These TMI curtain walls offer an inexpensive solution for environmental problems including dust, smoke, humidity, temperature control, and noise. Noise control products are constructed from polypropylene, cotton fiber composite, vinyl, or cellulose. PVC Vinyl can withstand the rigors of the weather; ALCO is a global supplier of custom made covers for industrial and commercial customers in the transportation, storage, construction, and commercial industries.

A variety of strikingly beautiful pendants and opulent chandeliers, infuse elegance into your well decorated room. Even if your sofa or couch is very comfy as it is, some guests might feel the need for some extra back support or might enjoy having some extra pillows … This boho farmhouse living room executes it well. With free delivery to The mirror will reflect the living room, thereby making it seem larger.


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