Minnesota landscaping design

Minnesota landscaping design

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We are a full-service landscaping company renowned for providing complete landscape, lawn and garden services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Twin Cities Metro. Our talented staff can help you boost the curb appeal of your home, while adding value to the worth of your residence. An amateur landscaper might have trouble producing balance in your garden or yard. A professional landscaper, however, will design a landscape that features perfect harmony between the vegetation, terrain and water. As one of the largest landscape design- build companies in the region, we can ensure that each individual landscape element and plant will be perfectly positioned to complement the next element.

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  • Sage Landscape Design
  • Twin Cities Award-Winning Landscape Design Firm
  • Waconia Landscaping Co | Waconia, MN
  • Breathing Life Into Your Landscape since 1993
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Minnetrista, MN

From yards with cozy fire pits, colorful gardens, plantings, and patios to outdoor kitchens, water features, and arbors, we will help you create beautiful landscapes and outdoor living spaces!

Love your home inside and out! Our talented, award-winning team of landscape designers, horticulturists, and installers have been transforming residential and commercial landscapes for over 70 years. Help is at your fingertips! A horticulturalist will work with you to provide hands-on guidance for plant care, garden design, garden care, new ideas, and installation sketches for you to work from. Schedule a Garden Coaching Appointment. Keep your garden looking gorgeous!

Our team of garden designers and installation professionals will help keep your garden looking fresh throughout each season. Our design team will work with you to understand your business needs. Click here to learn more. Get to know the Twin Cities Metro Area premier landscape design, install, and maintenance provider. Better yet, let our award-winning designers get to know you! Contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment. Click here to explore examples of our work.

Get expert advice, and visit our information library. Place an order over the phone daily 8 a. Visit our FAQs to find a quick answer. Customer Service. Choose a level of service that is right for you. Professional Landscape Design and Installation Love your home inside and out! Garden Coaching Help is at your fingertips! Find Landscaping Inspiration. How Do I Get Started? Contact Us.

Gardening Questions?

Biota Landscapes

Residential Design. Outdoor Design. Community Space Design. Commercial Property Design. How Can We Help You?

Paul landscape design/build firm specializing in sustainable designs for the urban environment. We have been featured in home and garden publications as well as.

Sage Landscape Design

Call us Today:Landscape Design and Construction in Minneapolis, MN A full-service landscape building and landscape design company, Sculptured Earth employs the talent of gifted landscapers and a unique design process to transform residential properties into true works of art. Through expertly-built paver patios, water features, outdoor kitchens, and other elements, our team of landscaping contractors sculpt and reshape land into impressive works of artistic vision. If you are considering a landscaping project in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota , call us at to discuss your landscaping project and schedule a consultation. Sculptured Earth creates functional and lavish landscape features customized to meet your needs and the needs of your landscaping project. We design and install:. We guide property owners through the process of bringing their landscapes to life. From the initial design consultation until the last installation is complete, we are here to ensure a quality project and your complete satisfaction.

Twin Cities Award-Winning Landscape Design Firm

Scenic Specialties Landscape Professionals provides elite landscape and exterior services throughout Central Minnesota. From the initial Landscape Design process, the Implementation of the project, to Landscape Maintenance upon project completion, our Landscape Professionals provide not only landscape services, but a unique and seamless experience. Our designers, project directors, and crew members will guide you through the process and create a beautifully landscaped property. As an experienced General Contractor in the Landscape Industry, Scenic Specialties manages all elements of exterior projects, ensuring all aspects of the project are completed in an organized and timely manner.

Creating Your Outdoor Escape.

Waconia Landscaping Co | Waconia, MN

A picturesque outdoor space provides many benefits including a boost of curb appeal, enhancing property values and establishing an area to relax and enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home. As a leading Minnesota landscape design company, our crews have constructed the yards and outdoor spaces of countless homes throughout the region while focusing immensely on the desires and needs of our clients to create dream landscapes. From the initial design, to the build of your hardscape project such as a retaining wall or paver patio , to the trees and plants installed, and ground covering material such as decorative rock or mulch. Your landscaping or outdoor living area is comprehensively planned out and installed to industry standards to ensure it provides enjoyment for years to come. We draw scaled, full-color designs to help you envision the final result. We take great pride in crafting exquisite designs that combine your wishes and desires with our expertise in all things landscaping and outdoor living.

Breathing Life Into Your Landscape since 1993

A client in Plymouth, Minnesota wanted to increase the usable space in their backyard. In order to create an outdoor space suitable for kids, pets, and entertaining, we needed to clear out some of the woods. Although we removed much of the existing foliage, we added new trees and shrubbery to the custom design to help enhance the natural setting. The outdoor space now functions as an extension of the home. Contact us to improve your backyard space with a custom landscape design.

For landscape design and landscape construction services in Delano, MN, call Sculptured Earth at [[cms;phone]] and schedule a consultation.

​Why Choose Villa Landscapes?

Midwest Landscapes specializes in installing creative landscape designs for commercial properties, and we work on all types of projects. Whether we're installing landscapes , performing maintenance or designing irrigation systems , our craftsmanship and attention to detail will ensure a show-stopping landscape. Commercial landscape installations range from simple revamps of properties, to the design, installation, and maintenance of an entire corporate campus.

Bakken Landscapes & Design

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Dogwood Designs is owned and operated by Mike Mesch. Mike got his start in the landscape industry over 20 years ago cutting grass and doing small landscaping projects in the commercial setting. From installation crew member to landscape architecture intern, Mike learned by doing in the field as well as in the classroom and design studio. At Dogwood Designs, we believe the best designers are out in the field with the crew, learning how to do things better. Do not be surprised to see Mike working side by side with crews installing Dogwood Designs projects. A great landscape design firm is always learning and finding ways to better serve their clients.

We begin your design with the priority phase so that you can grow into your entire landscape as the budget allows.

ASLA Minnesota

We're a team of landscaping designers and landscape contractors who bring paradise and relaxation to your backyard. Inside you'll also find honorable mentions and other sources. We're Hiring! We're looking for people who enjoy working outdoors, are reliable and enjoy feeling like they accomplished something everyday. If that's you or someone you know, we'd love to hear from you. Employment Opportunities. See All Our Landscaping Projects.

We always enjoy meeting new people and hearing them describe their outdoor living vision. Some people know exactly what they are looking for, some have an idea of how to transform their living space to be more functional for them and some simply want to show us the space and create a design for them. They were so impressed with the work, they wrote us a thank you card!

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