Garden mum when to plant

Garden mum when to plant

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The garden mum chrysanthemum is one of the most excitingflowers that can be grown in the home landscape for late summer and fall color. Garden mums require a minimum amount of care and do well even under some adverse conditions. There are cultivars varieties with color that range from white to yellow, pink, purple, bronze, red and all the hues inbetween. With hundreds of cultivars available, the choice of plants to grow is unlimited.

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  • How to Overwinter Perennial Mums
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Garden Mum Collection

Photo: Garden mums abound in Texas nurseries this time of year. Before we go too far, however, there are some things you need to know to be successful in growing them.

Chrysanthemums are photoperiodic. That refers to plants that measure the length of the dark period i. They have a flower-inducing hormone in their growing tips, and that hormone is destroyed by light.

Photo: This garden mum was in full bud earlier this week — the perfect time to buy it. Growing Mums in Texas Chrysanthemums are much more common in the Midwest and Northeast, so you know they will be completely winter-hardy to all Texas cold. Grow them where they will receive full sun during the growing season, and plant them into well-draining, highly organic garden soils.

Photo: Raised bed showcases firebush in back and garden mums in full bloom. Garden mums that you buy as they come into flower in nurseries this month will bloom for three or four weeks, then the flowers will gradually begin to fade to light brown, chaffy remains.

To avoid that ugliness, however, you can clip the stems back near the ground as soon as the plants have finished flowering. The new shoots will begin active growth in early spring. If you intend to pinch taller types of mums to force side branches to form, do it when the stems are 4 to 6 inches tall.

Late February is the best time to dig and divide crowded clumps of chrysanthemums. Photo: Purple garden mums would be stunning alongside purple fountaingrass, Blackie ornamental sweet potato and almost anything else! Garden mums usually bloom in the spring as well as the fall. Night lengths, after all, are the same then as they are in the fall.

Enjoy those flowers for a few weeks, then trim them off by late May or early June, so the plants will have ample time to produce new growth, then set buds for their fall blooms.

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How to Overwinter Perennial Mums

Garden mums, or Chrysanthemums , are the quintessential flowering plant that helps folks to usher in fall. Along with this seasonal cheer, mums also provide us with joy and positivity, which we can all use right about now. Many people treat their seasonal mums as a temporary decorative plant, only to dispose of it when their flowers finally fade. But know this, with some fall preparation and winter care, your mums can come back blooming year after year in your garden.

The right chrysanthemum flowers for your garden will come from a diverse selection of hardy or garden mums. When growing mums, you'll find.

How Late in Fall Can Mums Be Planted?

When is the best time to plant garden mums? When mums are planted in the spring after the last frost, they have plenty of time to develop a substantial root system that will lead to good blooms and healthy plants in future years. Where can I get garden mums? Local chapters of the National Chrysanthemum Society often have spring plant sales. Do mums have special soil requirements? Not really. Mums can be very happy in well prepared, slightly acid garden soil. To grow chrysanthemums successfully you should have a pH reading near 6.

Pinching Back Garden Mums

We don't get much in the way of traditional fall displays from changing of the leaves here in Florida, so how can you bring those autumnal colors into your fall landscape? Mum's the word, chrysanthemums that is. Often shortened to mums, chrysanthemums Chrysanthemum x morifolium are popular and colorful perennials that come in many colors and a variety of sizes. Mums are easy-to-grow, herbaceous perennials that can live for years and continue to bloom. Generally these plants grow to be about 6 inches tall although they can reach 2 feet in height when flowering.

Mums are more than what you call the woman who gave birth to you. Contrary to common belief, some mums short for their real name, Chrysanthemum can actually be perennials as long as they are hardy enough, which is great news for gardeners who want their planting to be one-and-done.

Mum’s The Word

Mums come in hundreds of varieties, adding a rainbow of color for fall when spring annuals are slowly fading in the garden. Plants blooms weeks on average, and there are different varieties for the different bloom times in the season early, mid, late, very late bloomers. Mums beautifully complement late season perennials, and they help transition container gardens nicely through fall. Shop varieties available now. Mums are heavy feeders and drainage is crucial for their winter survival. In the garden, mix one part Petitti Planting Mix with one part existing soil, add Plant-tone and Iron-tone, and water well.

Caring for Fall Mums

Weather generally has the upper hand when it comes to gardening. There are lots of things we can do to foster the care of our plants, but ultimately we end up at the mercy of Mother Nature. This year was no exception. The New York-area had a wet spring, baking hot July with no sign of rain, and then a record-breaking, near-constant deluge in August. It has also been a lousy year for tomatoes.

Garden mums are short-day plants and initiate flower buds in response to an interaction of day length, temperature and plant age. Different mum.

In the garden: Fall mums will survive winter if planted soon enough

The best time to plant your mums is August or early September. If you can get your mums in the ground before they start blooming you will double the bloom time. The plant will get a more robust root system which helps elongate the bloom time. Also, if you choose a perennial mum, a better root system will reduce the chances of frost heave when the cold temperatures force shallow root systems out of the soil.

How to Winterize Hardy Garden Mums

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More Information ». Sep 5, Print. Fall blooming, old-fashioned mums Chyrsanthemum x morifolium provide both pollen and nectar for pollinating insects, such as this Cloudy Skipper butterfly. Barbara H. Everyone is familiar with the potted greenhouse mums offered at many garden centers that end up in the trash after the flowers fade, but are you acquainted with old-fashioned garden mums?

Chrysanthemum is the common name for the Dendranthema grandiflora plant and flower, which thrives in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9.

Have you ever had a fall blooming mum that doesn't look at all like what it is supposed to come September? Is it tall, leggy and flopping over with a few flowers at each stem tip instead of short, compact and full of flowers? Pinching at the right time is the answer. Depending on what book you refer to, fall blooming mums are listed as Chrysanthemum X morifolium or Dendranthema X morifolium. Whichever way they are listed, their flowering is a response to shorter daylength and their size is controlled by hormones within the plant.

Their bronze, yellow, and orange hues brighten up patio containers and flower beds. They are incredibly floriferous. They will continue to bud and open flowers until first frost. You might think that because they typically stop flowering when it gets cold, mums are annuals.

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